Author name: Judy Davis Cheek

Leopard Close up photo


I met this leopard at the Living Desert Zoo in Palm Springs. He’s so focused! How does he keep from being distracted? He was oblivious to me and my camera as he quietly crept forward. Writing and photography require that […]

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Young Giraffe Drinking water


I’ve always been a goal-setter. But writing goals and achieving them are two different animals. Often, achieving a goal requires me to go outside my comfort zone – to s-t-r-e-t-c-h. The pursuit of my writing and photography dreams is like

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Praying Mantis Closeup


Meet Buddy. Buddy introduced himself on a warm Spring morning as I sat on my patio.  He’s a curious guy and postponed his search for breakfast when he saw me. We had a staring contest (he won) before he posed

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Picture of desk and computer with the words: Believe, Commit, Connect, and above all, Write.


Welcome to my Blog. Writing is my dream. Photography and travel enrich and add to my creative journey, but the focus . . .the dream. . . is writing. It’s a journey with many paths; some are short and easy,


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