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Welcome to my Blog.

Writing is my dream. Photography and travel enrich and add to my creative journey, but the focus . . .the dream. . . is writing. It’s a journey with many paths; some are short and easy, and some are hard and long. This blog is where I’ll share my journey as a writer, including where I find inspiration, the challenging and joyous sides of being a writer, the discoveries, and the magic when it all comes together.

So, where did my writing journey start? It began with books and a very active imagination. The books I read as a child sparked ideas and stories in my mind. As a teenager, I began to put some of these stories onto paper. As an adult, I veered onto a business writing path but wrote stories about vacation travel adventures with my children and, later, on my own. I still write travel articles and I still find magic when I take roads less traveled, but more about that another time.

Toddler looking at a picture book.

While the books and stories I read as a child provided the seeds, I didn’t start out writing children’s books. My first stories were thrillers and mysteries written for an adult audience. Then, I met a young African hippo floating upside-down. That hippo inspired a picture book starring an upside-down hippo named Rosie.

When I started writing “Rosie’s” story, I thought it would be easy. After all, picture books have few words compared to the tens of thousands involved in writing a novel. Wow – I had a lot to learn! And so began my journey as a picture book writer.

On my journey with Rosie, I’ve learned skills, gathered tools, found the courage to take new paths, become part of the kid-lit community, written more stories, and discovered a little magic. Rosie isn’t published yet, but the journey continues.

Tell me about your journey here. And come back soon for insights into my writing journey, plus stories and photos from my travels.

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